one stop shop for software development information

Today, i gave a talk at the OEG group in UPM, madrid. In this short talk, i highlighted the software tools which developers use in their day to day software development tasks and the many questions which developers usually have in mind while interacting with these software tools. In this talk, i introduced a Linked Data approach [1] for integrating information from different software tools in order to allow the developers to easily search the information they are interested in from different software repositories using a common platform. The slides of the talk are embedded below.



developing in the cloud

Its been a while that i (of-course with the help of michael hausenblas and stefan decker) published a technical report on software development in the cloud. The main goal of this technical report was to review and compare existing cloud-based development tools and IDEs. We further outlined a roadmap of cloud-based software development by identifying challenges and opportunities and propose a set of requirements for the next generation of cloud-based development tools. The abstract of the technical report is:

With cloud computing as an infrastructure model maturing, first efforts around cloud-based software development are emerging. In this model, a cloud-based environment enables developers to edit, test and deploy Web applications through a Web browser. We consider this tool stack to be disruptive in its nature, changing the way software development is being carried out and opening up new opportunities for service providers as well as (teams of) developers. In this report we review the state of the art of cloud-based software development environments-in particular browser-based development environments-and discuss their features as well as related challenges and opportunities.

The full technical report can be found at github. I initially blogged about it somewhere else. I hope you will find this technical report useful and looking forward to your feedback if any.